Hericine's Eye

by Dunce Apprentice

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great performance, enormous sense of calm right where the storm is,
amorphous crystalline energy in orbit
motion to inanimate dust when the warm hits
more than hot air when the diaphragm smallens
dopeness, seeping out of every hole and orifice.
philistines fillin' up the message boards office
Bet it all on black & brought it back to the coffers
sent a piece of the pie, back to the paupers,
soldiers who protect they own with no honors
no armor no arms and no mourners
...they say that the end is upon us
only matter when you still alive an we's goners
like a thief in the night, no one saw us,
black silhouette in the void, seem formless.
no cookie cutter style, no cutting corners,
close the door on the cage, still couldn't corner us
you ain't from here, we can spot a foreigner,
where ever you from, bring love, and you can call on us
common enemy will be a gold mine for coroners
all muscle like anemones and great warriors,
don't underestimate the mistake to war with us
don't look away from the gore and puss like horror cuts
find me in the basement with the place all boarded up
the boiler flooded with boiling blood,
I’m ready for more, they like, “boy enough”

[please stop]
[boy enough]


released March 8, 2012



all rights reserved


Dunce Apprentice San Francisco, California

Oh, Dunce. You mean that poet guy? That guy that's always rhyming?

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